Dustcovery Co.

Preserving, flipping, and sharing lost antiques and relics from the backroads of America. The odd, the vintage, and the unique.


Dustcovery Co. was created to preserve, flip, and re-purpose lost antiques and relics, while maintaining their artful history for others to enjoy. Built on originality, history, and rust, Dustcovery Co. seeks to infuse new life within each piece we find, while staying true to time, age, and nostalgia.


The objects we share are picked from the barns and backroads of America that time has long forgotten. Dustcovery Co. is committed to the lost, the vintage, the odd, and the unique, while finding new homes for this art of the past.


Cracked paint and rust becomes patina, imperfections become character, and the bygone becomes renewed. We strive to share the stories these objects tell through their timeless integrity and craftsmanship. Dustcovery Co. extends far beyond buying and selling. We are dedicated to the thrill of the hunt, and the preservation of history for years to come.